White Label

Let us help you grow your enterprise

​Working with Oceanic 6, you will be able to elevate your brand's reputation by easily adding an ethical furniture line to your current inventory.We have perfected designing and manufacturing high quality furniture at a desirable price point. We supply our global customers with fine furniture and great room for profit margin.

The term "white label" is used to describe products that we manufacture and that you sell under your own brand name. We offer all items in our catalog as White Label - i.e. upon request we will not place any deck labels or other distinguishing marks on the furniture you order so that you may add your own labels / we can add your labels for you and advertise them as your own line or item(s).

reach out to us at sales@oceanic6.com or 333.333.4444 to say hello! ​ Oh - and we can build both RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL furniture including hospitality, institutional living and higher ed housing furniture.